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Letter: Klabunde an advocate for clean water

Clean water is at last emerging as a critical issue in this region, state and nation. We are especially sensitive to this concern as we live in an area that has some of the cleanest water anywhere. Unfortunately, clean water is threatened by detrimental land and water management practices. Deforestation, chemical runoff, threats of aquatic invasive species, as well as groundwater overuse and contamination are matters of great concern. It is imperative that we continue to support legislative initiatives that will protect our valuable resources.

Bryan Klabunde is the DFL endorsed candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives, District 2B. I write this letter in support of Bryan as he will be a strong advocate for clean water in Minnesota. He recognizes that a well balanced ecosystem is crucial to the economy, recreation, farming, family life and all aspects of life in rural Minnesota. He will work towards keeping the pristine beauty of our area and the legacy of our great quality of life.