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Trump defends traditional American values

How much government do we want or need as Americans? The answer to that question, looming ever and ever with each passing day, should be confirmed soon, at least for some.

We as Americans narrow our voting choices as follows: we vote our wallets; we vote or consciences; we vote our political party; we vote according to our prejudices; and some of us put aside our likes and dislikes and vote for the candidate(s) who will best serve and protect America. And these are perilous, even dangerous times indeed! In the end, as we exercise our civic duty and vote, we must vote wisely and rationally, not irrationally. Only then can America be best served and protected from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Peace can sometimes be secured by capitulating to our nation's attackers: Islamic Jihadist fanatical terrorists, Communist expansionism: Russia and China and their allies. Twentieth century history includes many capitulations, all of them tragic. However, freedom must be constantly defended if America is to survive as the nation we now know. America will survive so long we vote for men and women who are honest, trustworthy, how have proven themselves level-headed and who have shown themselves to support traditional American values and Constitutional law.

Of the two major candidates for the presidency, they and their parties do reveal major differences in governmental approaches. Donald Trump favors limited government based on local control, the Constitution and a Supreme Court that will support and defend traditional American values. On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton has vowed to continue and even enlarge the Obama "legacy" of federal involvement in our lives, including national health insurance (single payer system run by Washington); free college tuition; gun control; a federal system dominated by the president through the issuance of executive order after order.

We remember an adage that serve us today, "What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right." Meanwhile, we continue to pray to God to continue to bless and guard America.