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Letter: LWV candidates forum clarification

I received an invitation from the Park Rapids League of Women Voters to participate in the Menahga School Board meet the candidates forum. The League's ground rules say that under extraordinary circumstances an absent candidate may submit a written statement to be read during opening remarks and that a table will be set up for candidates to place campaign literature, posters, signs, etc. for the public.

I contacted the Park Rapids LWV and explained that due to a no-trespass order I would not be able to attend the forum but I would like to submit a written statement and have campaign literature for the public. I also asked for a chair and name tag so the public is aware that there is another candidate who is unable to attend. The response was "we cannot accept your written statement or campaign literature." It was suggested I contact the League's state president, which I did. She replied that they had consulted with the Park Rapids LWV and decided that "all three requests would place our role as a neutral facilitator in question" and, "Out of fairness to the other candidates, we are unable to accommodate your requests."

How would following their own rules not be fair to the other candidates? How would my written statement or allowing my campaign literature along with everyone else's be giving me any special treatment?

I used to think the League's mission was to help the public be more informed in an unbiased way, but not anymore. I wonder who made those decisions?