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Letter: Global warming plus global cooling equals climate change

Ever since the earth and sun were made the earth has rotated around the sun every 365-1/4 days with the axis of the earth tilted at a small angle that gives us different angles of sunlight throughout the year. Since time began this rotation has caused water to evaporate and condense. When it condenses where the temperature is below 32 degrees it forms snow or ice, sometimes with the result of iceberg formation. If this were just an ongoing process and the ice never melted the water would all end up near the north and south poles until there was no water left near the equator to evaporate and make rain where the temperature is above 32 degrees. Because of the tilt of the earth's axis some of the ice at the northern and southern parts of the earth melts. Doesn't it seem that we have had climate change since the world began?

Well, along comes a group of politicians that want to tell us how smart they are. They tell us that even though there has been volcanoes and hot springs around the earth for many years, they have discovered that "man" and animals are giving off heat and gasses through their bodily processes and manmade processes that give us personal heating and cooling as well as electricity and transportation. What these politicians have really discovered is a way to convince enough people that there is this new man-caused thing called climate change. They have done such a good job that some people will give them money to protect the world from climate change.

Finding this such a lucrative endeavor they get themselves elected as saviors of this planet, get paid by the electorate, and continue to find things to do to advance their image. The latest seems to be putting the coal industry and pipeline industry out of business. To counter the putting of coal miners out of work, they are asking the taxpayers to finance their efforts with "welfare" payments. When are we all going to wake up and see that these "Climate Changers" are just power hungry money grabbers that think they can take a natural occurrence and turn it into a money-making industry?