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Commentary: Country faces political divide and opposing worldviews

On Nov. 8, Americans will make a choice for the political leadership (at every level) that will shape the direction of the U.S. for years to come. Few recognize that electoral decisions made on that date will not just be about Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, capitalist or socialist....not just about personalities, leadership styles or gender. In fact, the real decision is about choosing leaders who hold to two totally different, competing worldviews; those who hold to the emerging progressive worldview versus leaders who hold to the older, historical conservative worldview. While Americans have always had differing political ideals, we have always been able to find accommodation and compromise when determining the future direction of the country. Now, however, we face a political divide that is much deeper and more profound; a divide between two worldview philosophies that are diametrical opposites in determining what is fact, in even deciding if truth really exists.

To understand the differences, it is essential to understand the foundations of Progressive philosophy. It really has its roots in the scientific revolution and the scientific method; the modern ideal that by experimentation we can come closer and closer to what is true...what is true reality. Its philosophical mentors were modern-era men like Hegel, Marx, and Karl Popper. All these men believed in methodological naturalism (that the material universe exists because of natural processes alone) and in the idea that scientific experimentation and rational logic can result in discovery of real truth.

The most influential of these philosophers on the modern Progressive movement was Karl Popper. Popper, while believing in the scientific method for discovery, also believed that truth could never be absolutely known. He also rejected historical information, cultural traditions, and any and all religions as a source for knowing truth. In fact, Popper saw the study of history and religion as the enemy in the pursuit of truth. He advocated for an "open society" where modern democracy freely embraces all truth claims that can be examined by the scientific method and by rational logic. Popper saw the historical constraints and traditions of developed civilization and the truth claims of Christianity as enemies of discovering truth.

Twenty-first-century Progressives are no different. They see historical law, precedence and religion as an impediment to individual freedom. Consequently anything goes...the choice to eliminate the preborn, the choice for euthanasia, homosexuality, transgenderism, elimination of traditional marriage, elimination of the right to defend one's home and nation state, prohibition against use of the Conservative Christian worldview in all schools—private business establishments—the public square, forced educational training of our children to accept as normal homosexuality/transgenderism, progressively eliminating the Christian worldview from the military, and elimination of the created order/inborn differences between men and women (just to name a few).

How do Progressives feel about those who do not hold to their philosophy...those who hold to a conservative, theistic worldview? The leader of the modern Progressive movement yesterday called us a "basket full of deplorable people." She claimed we are racist because we believe America can be returned to her former greatness. We are sexist because we believe in an absolute moral standard. We are homophobic because we oppose homosexuality as abnormal and immoral. We are xenophobic because we believe in the right to defend our homes and borders against illegal intrusion. We are Islamicphobic because we believe the real aggressor against Western Civilization is Islam. The battle of Tours France, battle for Spain, battle for southern Mediterranean and Italy, battle for Constantinople, battle for Kosovo (1389), battle for Vienna (1683), and the 20th-century Armenian Christian Holocaust all happened in Europe. More recently, the attack of 9/11, and the recent destruction of the ancient Christian communities in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey were overt offensive attacks by Islam.

America has endured rapid Progressive "change" for the past eight years. On Nov. 8, we will vote on whether we wish to install the Progressive worldview permanently into the structure of American law and society...whether to accept the Progressive Worldview as the real source of truth. If like myself, you see Progressivism as the enemy of good, then regardless of your political party affiliation, you need to vote against candidates who espouse this view. This is the most critical decision point of America's 240-year history.