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Letter: You can still save America

For those of you who stayed home and didn’t participate in the last national election because you thought your vote didn’t matter, or if you did vote and chose hope and change, please realize that all elections have consequences.

A directive (order) from the Obama administration was sent to all public school districts in the U.S. to accommodate the wishes of the boy who says he feels like a girl today. This means he is to be able to use the girls’ locker room if he wants to, and that if the real girls are uncomfortable with this, they are to be ignored. So too, to be ignored, are the wishes of the local school board and the parents of those girls. Schools must comply or risk losing the federal dollars that they are dependent on.

This order did not come from Congress as the U.S. Constitution would have it, but from the pen of a radical who promised to change America. Incidentally, our Senator Al Franken has attempted to pass just this type of legislation, and

fortunately it has not come to pass. Is this the direction in which you would like your country led? If you want to know where it leads, take a

look at the misery of daily life in the Soviet Union before it fell. When Christ returns as promised, He will renew all things and the old fallen world will be no more. But until then, we have an obligation to preserve the good in it for the next generations.

Please take the initiative to stand up for your country’s values rooted in Judeao-Christian ethics that made it free for all, and cast your vote to stop the agenda of Liberal Democrats this fall.

Tim Ranisate, Park Rapids