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News quiz: What was the No. 1 fishing violation in state last year?

What was the No. 1 2014 violation when it comes to fishing regulations in Minnesota?

A. No license
B. Unattended lines
C. Fishing license not in possession
D. Improperly marked fish house

Saturday marks the opening of walleye fishing in Minnesota.

The lakes of Becker County will be filled with fishermen of all ages, trying to land a big one.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warns fishermen of aquatic invasive species and the importance of being aware of the waters you are fishing and the possibility of spreading AIS.

The law requires anglers to clean weeds from their boats, remove any drain plugs and dispose of any unused bait.

For more information on any lakes in Minnesota including the species found in each lake, fishing regulations and if there are invasive species, check

Also, check out the Sunday issue of the Becker County Record for a fun fishing quiz you can take at home. Only after successfully passing the quiz should the newspaper be used for fileting your catch on.

Good luck out there.

And by the way, the answer to the above question is C. In 2014, 194 citations and 2,443 warning were issued for fishing license not in possession.