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The season ahead: fishing tourneys each month

By Jason Durham / For the Enterprise

Anglers visiting the Park Rapids area are invited to partake in one of the numerous competitive fishing events held on several lakes throughout the open water season. Not only are the tournaments fun themselves, but you’ll find comfort in the outpouring of camaraderie.

The Park Rapids Bass League and Northwoods Bass club both have bi-weekly events that are brief (3 hours) with minimal entry fees for anglers looking to compete without a large financial or time commitment. The mid-week events are held on a variety of lakes with largemouth and smallmouth bass the targeted species. Details for dates and locations can be obtained by calling Dean Christofferson of the Park Rapids Bass Club (252-6097) and Mike Johnson of the Northwoods Bass Club (252-0798).

If walleye are your preference, the Fish On Walleye League has a similar format with weeknight events held several times throughout the summer for two-person teams. To learn more about the Fish On Walleye League, contact Bryan Hanson (218-556-7034).

The events begin on Saturday, June 5 with the 32nd annual Walt Winskowski Memorial Fishing tournament on Straight Lake. The multi-species event permits two person teams to enter bass, northern pike and walleye with a bonus awarded to teams who enter all three species. Entry fee is $120 with a ten place payout. Interested parties can contact Jerry Gorden at 573-2414.

The next multi-species tournament is the Gene Cirks Memorial Scholarship Tournament on Lake Belle Taine on Saturday, June 27. The two person team tournament costs $110 per team with $10 of each entry going to the Nevis Dollars for Scholars foundation. The event offers a $1500 first place purse, a twelve place payout and several additional unique awards such as the Ole & Lena award (highest placing male/female team), First-Timers award (for the highest placing team with at least one participant who has never fished the tournament), the Incredibly Mediocre award (25th place) and the team who draws the last take-off position has their entry fee reimbursed. More information regarding the Gene Cirks Memorial Scholarship tournament can be obtained by contacting Jeremy Anderson (252-0957.)

The Park Rapids Bass Club hosts the Richard Peterson Memorial Classic on Fish Hook lake Saturday, July 11. The event hours are from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and features a $2,000 first place price. In this tournament, two-person teams are permitted to enter 5 largemouth or smallmouth combined. Entry fee is $200 per team and entry forms are available by calling Dean Christofferson at (252-6097.)

Then as fall approaches, the Park Rapids Tennis Association hosts the Fall Classic on Long Lake Sept. 5 and the Fall Classic on Fish Hook lake Sept. 19. The multispecies team tournaments benefit the Park Rapids Tennis Association and are held during the period when recreational boaters are nearly non-existent and air temperatures are mild. Contact Mike Baumgartner for registration information (732-7921.)

For kids interested in participating in a team, adult format multi-species tournament, be sure to check out the Nevis Scholarship Fund Junior Fishing tournament held on Lake Belle Taine on Sept. 6. The youth anglers operate their watercraft while members of the local fishing clubs patrol the lake to assist. Contact Will Wicks for more information (255-5505.)