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Letter: Water is a precious resource

Tradition and fun events are important for communities but I think Park Rapids should reconsider hosting the annual water fight during Legends and Logging Days since almost half of the U.S. is experiencing moderate to severe drought.

For example:

New Mexico – 98 percent extreme to exceptional drought;

Nebraska – 88 percent moderate to exceptional drought;

Kansas – 75 percent moderate to exceptional drought;

Texas – 71 percent severe or exceptional drought.

People in the drought ridden states would be shocked to see the front page photo of the water fight in the Aug. 10 Enterprise, showing gallons and gallons of water being wasted just for fun.

Many communities in the southwest are under emergency water restrictions, lakes are drying up and wells and aquifers are running dry. Some cities must rely on water that is trucked in. The drought has also caused deadly wildfires that have burned over 100,000 acres, resulting in loss of life and billions of dollars in property damage.

Maybe our community can find a different fun event that preserves our water – such as a tug of war. Water is a precious resource – one that we take for granted – until it’s in scarce supply.

Teri Bayer

Park Rapids