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Home inspector Rice is a SCORE ‘success story’

SCORE’s primary mission is to provide the guidance needed to maximize the growth and success of small businesses. Those in in need of general or specific assistance or who just have a few questions may rely on a SCORE mentor. It is a free, confidential service that is flexible to an individual’s schedule.

Call 732-2259 for more information or to set up an appointment.

SCORE of Park Rapids announces their “latest success story,” B R Home Inspection, LLC, home inspector.

Rice’s home inspection services include:

n Pre-listing inspections for sellers – Home sale transactions can fall through as a result of problems discovered during a buyer’s inspection. Pre-sale inspections will enable sellers to make necessary repairs ahead of time or adjust prices accordingly.

n Complete inspections for buyers - Purchasing a new home is quite possibly the biggest investment most people will make - both financially and emotionally.

At first glance, the home may appear in great shape, but may contain a defect that may be financially devastating. BR Home Inspection, LLC will provide information to make an informed decision by providing a detailed report. The buyer is encouraged to attend the inspection.

n One-year cosmetic warranty new construction - When building a new home, the home owner has one year to have the contractor come back and fix any cosmetic repairs. BR Home inspection, LLC will provide a list of cosmetic repairs.

n General maintenance inspections - General maintenance inspection may include roofing, attic, crawlspace, foundation, grading, and moisture concerns.

n Cabin inspections - For those that have multiple homes and would like some peace of mind, this is the inspection for you ­- spring, summer, fall and winter.

Home owners assist in creating a personal list which may include; propane levels checks, furnace filters, operable heat, water pipes, ice dams/roof snow removal, drainage issues.

Rice has over 13 years’ experience in building and remodeling of homes in the Nevis/Park Rapids area and passed a nationally recognized home inspection exam.

He may be reached at 252-1766 or brinspector