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5-year-old boy drowns in Marshall County

STEPHEN, Minn. -- Divers recovered the body of a 5-year-old boy who drowned at a Marshall County campsite early Sunday morning.

Cpl. Thomas Inocencio, commander of the Northeast Regional Water Operations Team, said the boy was found in about 5 feet of water, 30 feet from the shore, under a submerged dock, at about 1 a.m. The drowning occurred in the reservoir on the Tamarack River inside Florian Park, about 16 miles east of Stephan.

The boy went missing from the park and authorities were called at about 7 p.m., WDAZ-TV reported.

The station identified the boy as Dustino Casares. Inocencio did not know the family’s hometown.

Searchers, including campers at the park, initially looked for the boy on land, but the water operations team started its search around 11 p.m., Inocencio said.

Water operations team members searched the water with sonar, and divers and located the victim after about two hours.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office was the lead agency on the search and recovery. Fire and rescue crews from Oslo, Minn., and agents from the U.S. Border Patrol also assisted, Inocencio said.

WDAZ, a Grand Forks, N.D., television station owned by Forum Communications, reported the child’s body was sent to the coroner at the University of North Dakota.

Inocencio said drownings are not always easy to see unless swimmers are being watched, and he recommended.

“It’s just oftentimes silent,” he said.