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Moorhead police: Man jailed on seizure of 32 pounds of pot, $25,000 in cash, AK-47

n this photo supplied by Clay County, police show the seized 32 pounds of high grade medicinal marijuana from California, 9 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 15 jars of marijuana hash oil/powder, over $25,000 cash, 2001 Chrysler, and an AK47 rifle following an arrest in Dilworth on Tuesday.

Emily Welker / THE FORUM - DILWORTH – Police arrested a man at his home here Tuesday afternoon and seized drugs that authorities said could be worth more than $250,000, including 32 pounds of marijuana.

According to a news release from Moorhead police Lt. Tory Jacobson, officers also seized an AK-47 assault rifle, small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms and hash oil/powder, $25,000 in cash and a 2001 Chrysler.

Lawrence Kent Brink, 33, 404 2nd Ave. N.W., is being held in the Clay County Jail pending formal charges of fifth- and third-degree felony drug possession as well as ineligible possession of a firearm, also a felony. Brink also faces potential gross misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge.

Jacobson alleged in the news release that the marijuana was high-grade medicinal pot from California.

The investigation, which included help from the Department of Homeland Security, the Dilworth Police Department and the Clay County Sheriff’s Department, is ongoing and could result in more arrests, Jacobson said.