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Wadena County mother, adult sons charged in beating

A mother and her three sons have been charged in Wadena County District Court with assault charges after the alleged beating of a 17-year-old boy on July 8 around 11 p.m.

According to court records, Travis Petro, 18, saw the 17-year-old outside and walked into the street, ripped off his shirt, and started pacing back and forth and talking on his cell phone. He allegedly yelled at the victim, "I remember you ... you just wait."

A witness at the scene said there was a history between Petro and the 17-year-old, an unspecified incident a few months before.

Several minutes later, Travis's mother, Barbara Ann Streed, 52, drove up in a red Chevrolet Corsica with her other sons, Trenton, 22, and Nathan, 20, court documents said. Streed got out of the car and walked past the victim and said, "you better listen to these guys."

The three boys then knocked the victim down and "punched, hit and assaulted him," court records said. The Petros are trained boxers, court records noted. The beating lasted several minutes, court records said, and then Streed took her three sons and left.

The victim was taken to Tri-County Hospital for lacerations to the chest, neck, face and head, requiring stitches to those injuries.

All four defendants were charged with third-degree assault in Wadena County District Court. Streed posted $4,000 bail and was released. Police were looking for the three boys, but they were not in custody as of late last week.