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Beltrami County Board to review administrator profile

BEMIDJI - Beltrami County commissioners on Tuesday will review the position profile that will be used to present the county and its administrator position to prospective candidates for that job.

Review of the position profile will take place along with a timeline update from Dave Unmacht, vice president and consultant with Springsted, the firm hired by the county to lead the administrator search.

The discussion is scheduled during the regular meeting of the Beltrami County Board of Commissioners Tuesday at the County Administration Building. The regular meeting begins at 5 p.m., preceded by the county board's work session at 3 p.m.

Unmacht will discuss the proposed profile detailing the job and ideal candidate Beltrami County's administrator. The profile will be reviewed and, perhaps, revised pending comments from county administrators.

The profile states that the county is seeking a candidate that has, at least, a bachelor's degree in public or business administration, and, preferably, a master's degree. Eight years of related experience is required, along with an "ability to exercise initiative and creativity in solving problems, developing objectives and making independent decisions." The county also is seeking a candidate how has working knowledge of "continuous improvement practices and redesign principles."

The salary for the position is $83,636 to $104, 561," depending on qualifications and experience.