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Two hospitalized, Fargo police investigating after 20-person rumble involving multiple weapons

FARGO - Police here are investigating a rumble Tuesday night that reportedly involved 20 people and several weapons, landing two men in the hospital.

Officers responded at about 10 p.m. to several calls about the fight outside an apartment building in the 1100 block of 22nd Street South, Lt. Joel Vettel said.

Most of the people had fled by the time police arrived. The two men taken to the hospital, ages 20 and 21, had head injuries consistent with being hit with a baseball bat that was reportedly used in the fight, Vettel said.

Officers recovered two knives and a metal pipe from the scene, he said.

An altercation earlier in the day in West Fargo may have led to the fight, Vettel said, adding one of the parties involved reportedly contacted the other and challenged them to a fight, he said.

"It appears that they all knew each other, and it appears it was a mutual combat type of situation," he said.

Vettel said the fight is especially concerning to police because of the number of people involved and the use of weapons.