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Detroit Lakes Wells Fargo office reports bomb threat Wednesday afternoon

Employees and customers at the Detroit Lakes offices of Wells Fargo Bank received a bit of a scare Thursday afternoon when a potential bomb threat was reported.

"We received a call from Wells Fargo bank stating that someone had called into their office and reported that the building was going to blow up," Detroit Lakes Police Chief Tim Eggebraaten said. "We responded, and they'd already evacuated the building."

A short time later the employees at the bank were instructed to go back inside and look for anything that might be suspicious or out of place in their work area, Eggebraaten added.

"To our knowledge, nothing suspicious was identified," said Staci Schiller, a spokesperson with Wells Fargo's corporate communications department in Sioux Falls.

"But we did close the store -- our priority was to keep our team members safe and our customers safe," she added. "Everyone is safe, that's the most important thing."

"Our investigation is still pending right now," Eggebraaten added.

Wells Fargo's Detroit Lakes office will resume normal business hours Thursday morning, Schiller said.