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Rural Cass party ends with several arrests, nearly 50 minors cited for drinking

WHEATLAND, N.D. - A party at a rural home led to several arrests and nearly 50 juveniles being cited for drinking late Saturday, according to the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

An anonymous tip led deputies Keenan Zundel and Lance Kitzen to the house party about 10 p.m., according to a Sheriff's Office report.

By then, the party had attracted more than 70 people to 14539 33rd St. SE, Zundel said Sunday.

"It was bad," Zundel said. "We were out there three to four hours" and had to call in other deputies to process the citations and arrests.

Zundel said most of the partygoers were college students.

"It kind of spiraled out of control," Zundel said.

The officers cited 46 people for minor in consumption. Two people were referred to juvenile court, Zundel said.

One person was taken to juvenile detention for attempting to escape after an arrest was made, the report said.

Ethan Kensok, 23, was arrested for trying to aid in the juvenile's escape attempt, Zundel said. He did not have Kensok's address immediately available because several deputies were still processing reports.

Another adult male was taken to jail on a charge of minor in consumption, Zundel said.

Zundel said the person running the party is also underage, but was not drinking and has not been charged with any violations. He said it will be up to the county state's attorney's office to determine, what, if any, charges that person will face.