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Homeless Colorado man sent on a one-way bus to ND reportedly jailed in Williston

Jimmy Baldwin

WILLISTON, N.D. - The homeless Colorado man who was sent on a one-way bus trip to North Dakota is behind bars Saturday.

Jimmy Baldwin, a 32-year-old who had multiple run-ins with the law in Aspen, Colo., was expected Saturday to face class B misdemeanor charges in Williston, reports the Aspen Daily News.

Police would not say Saturday evening what Baldwin was arrested for or whether he was still jailed. A Williams County Sheriff's Office employee referred all questions to a captain who was returning to the office Tuesday.

The Daily News reported Wednesday that the Aspen Homeless Shelter had helped arrange a bus ticket, paid by an anonymous donor, for Baldwin to travel to Williston.

Several North Dakota residents and officials came out against the decision to send Baldwin north, saying the state was being used as a dumping ground for the city's unwanted citizens.