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Teen records song; proceeds to go to Schermerhorn family

Maggie Wothe recorded the song "No Ordinary Boy: Myrel's Song" in memory of her friend. A CD of the song is now available, with proceeds going to the Schermerhorn family.

FRAZEE, Minn. - As a way to pay tribute to a friend, Maggie Wothe of Frazee started writing a song for her friend, Myrel Schermerhorn, after he was in a car accident in November.

Now, she's recorded the song and is selling copies, with proceeds going to the family.

"I had been seeing Myrel while he was in the hospital," Wothe said.

While the 16-year-old has been singing, playing guitar and performing for quite a while, "No Ordinary Boy: Myrel's Song" was the first song for which she has written the words, composed the music and performed for an audience.

After giving a copy of the recording to the Schermerhorn family, Wothe said they asked her to perform it at the visitation and Myrel's funeral last week.

Though she had written the song about Myrel before he died, she changed some words after he passed away a few weeks later.

"It was something special for her," Wothe's mother, Tammy, said of Maggie getting to perform the song she had written for her friend.

"I basically just told about who he was," Wothe explained of her lyrics.

After getting multiple requests from people after singing the song, the Wothes decided to record and distribute the song for $5, with proceeds going to the Schermerhorn family.

Dave Howey with Lakes Radio in Perham helped her record the song.

Anyone can request a copy of the CD by emailing

Wothe is working on a website for the CD, but it isn't quite up and running yet. The CD is also available at George and Becky's on the Corner in Frazee.