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Lake Park contractor faces felony charge in home improvement case

A Lake Park contractor will make his first appearance July 12 in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of nonpayment for improvements.

Brett Douglas Riewer, 37, of 20335 160th Ave., Lake Park, reportedly took on a contract for a home improvement project at a lakes area residence as his company, Riewer Construction, was in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings.

According to court records, Riewer was contracted in April of 2010 to put on some siding at the home. The owner paid Riewer $9,550 for the labor and for supplies. The work was completed in May 2010, to the owner's satisfaction.

After the work was done, however, the homeowner was contacted by the company that supplied the building materials, who said that the supplies had never been paid for and a lien would be put against the home. The property owner contacted Riewer, who told the man not to pay the supplies company, because he planned to handle it himself.

A lien was then placed on the home. Riewer told the owner that he paid the supplier in December, but when the owner double-checked, the company still had not been paid. The owner spent another $3,400 to get the lien removed from his home.

In February, Riewer was questioned by law enforcement and allegedly admitted that he never paid for the supplies. Riewer also allegedly said he had filed for bankruptcy just prior to taking on the job, and that he used the money from the job to pay back other debts. He also allegedly admitted to telling the homeowner not to pay the company because he thought the bankruptcy proceedings would protect him from the debt.