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UPDATE: Two teens dead in Amor shooting

Two teens died in Amor Monday night.

AMOR, Minn. - The teenage parents of a 7-month-old baby are dead after both were shot near here Monday night.

Authorities were still piecing together Tuesday what might have happened between Tabitha Lee Belmonte, 16, and Dylan Taylor Cox, 17, at 30811 Twin Lakes Road, the home of Cox's parents near Amor.

Cox and Belmonte are the parents of Emma Lee Cox, who was born at a Perham hospital last August.

A 911 call reporting the shooting came into the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office at 9:07 p.m. Monday.

Both Belmonte and Cox had gunshot wounds, with one of the teenagers sustaining a self-inflicted wound, the Sheriff's Office said.

Belmonte was dead at the scene, and Cox was airlifted to Fargo's Sanford Medical Center, where he died Tuesday afternoon.

Amor is in central Otter Tail County, about 23 miles northeast of Fergus Falls and 60 miles southeast of Fargo.

Perham-Dent Public Schools Superintendent Tamara Uselman said Belmonte was a sophomore at the Perham high school and Cox had been a student there previously.

Belmonte was a member of the speech team and known to other students outside her grade in the small school, Uselman said.

"She was an important part of who we are, so we have a lot of grieving students," Uselman said.

She said she didn't know the relationship between Cox and Belmonte.

"It's just a very heartbreaking situation," Uselman said.

The sheriff's office and state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension were investigating the shooting. Few details were released by Tuesday night.

However, Otter Tail County Sheriff Brian Schlueter said there likely wouldn't be any charges in connection with the shooting after Cox's death.

Cox's profile on the online social networking site Facebook, customized with "suicidesystem" as part of the website address, is partially restricted to users, but some information is public.

Cox listed "people who inspire" as several fringe musicians, as well as Charles Manson and Anton Szandor LaVey.

Manson was a notorious cult leader convicted of murder, along with several of his followers, in connection with the deaths of multiple people during the 1960s.

LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible.

Belmonte did not appear to have a Facebook page.

It's unknown who might have shot who in the incident, but the sheriff's office said Tuesday that "initial investigation indicates that this incident is isolated to this residence, and there is no threat to the community at large."

Because of the shooting, Uselman said Perham schools were put on lockdown early Tuesday so school officials could control who was coming and going and maintain a safe environment for students, Uselman said.

"Our first duty is to take care of children for their safety, so we have pulled in counselors and we have a crisis team who's ready to work with children who are in emotional duress," she said.

Uselman said she wasn't sure yet how school would operate today.

After the lockdown was in place, Uselman said she learned a threatening message had been left on an answering machine in the middle school's office.

The message was reported to authorities as a terroristic threat but was not believed to be related to the shooting, Uselman said, calling the timing of the threat "just really ugly."

Parents were notified about it, and it "reinforced" the lockdown, she said.

Uselman described the phone message as garbled and said it contained profanity and threats by the caller that he would bring a gun to the school and "whoop" somebody.

Perham police searched the school's phone records and traced the threat call to a Tacoma-area residence in Pierce County, Wash., Perham Police Chief Jason Hoaby said.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department apprehended an 18-year-old man and will seek a felony charge in Washington of making harassing phone calls, equivalent to a terroristic threat charge in Minnesota, Hoaby said.

"He wasn't serious about his threat," Hoaby said. "It was a joke on his end. ... They were trying to get somebody else in trouble kind of thing. ... He wasn't intending on actually doing anything."

A celebratory sendoff for the Perham boys' basketball team was canceled, Uselman said, saying it wouldn't be appropriate.

The team left Tuesday afternoon for the school's first-ever berth in the state tournament in Minneapolis.

"It's a very sad and very somber - very somber - day here," she said. "Our basketball players, they respect this decision. They're just good young men."