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Three injured in Moorhead bowling alley brawl

Moorhead police are still investigating multiple assaults from a melee that injured three men and hospitalized one during a party at a bowling alley early Sunday morning.

The assaults took place at Sunset Lanes bowling alley, 620 Highway 75 N. in Moorhead, just after midnight. Officers responded to reports of fights at the scene and encountered a crowd of 60 to 100 people, according to the police report.

Officers identified three victims who sustained injuries. Mohamoud Sharif, 20, of Fargo, was stabbed superficially in the buttocks. He was taken to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo for non-life-threatening injuries.

Nelson Adam, 20, of West Fargo, was struck in the head with a shovel. He refused medical attention. Emmunel Noah, 18, of Fargo, was struck in the head with a replica gun and refused medical treatment as well. Police said all three men were associated with a party at a rented room at the bowling alley.

Officers recovered a replica gun, knives and a Taser from the scene. No suspects have been named.