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Fargo man convicted of terrorizing his ex-girlfriend faces new accusations

Terry Higdem

A man sent to prison in 2008 for terrorizing an ex-girlfriend - an arrest made after she secretly called 911 and dispatchers heard her being threatened - is again accused of terrorizing a woman he used to date.

Charges filed Friday in Cass County District Court accuse Terry Bruce Higdem, 29, Fargo, of demanding on Thanksgiving night that an ex-girlfriend from West Fargo come with him in his car, threatening to hurt her family if she ­didn't, the woman told police investigators.

She told police Higdem was a "very possessive" ex-boyfriend who still thought of her as his girlfriend, as evidenced by the tattoo he recently got displaying her first name on his chest, according to a police report filed with the charges.

Higdem took the woman to a house at 243 11th Ave. W. in West Fargo, where she was locked in the bathroom before breaking out of the home the next day, according to court records.

While being held against her will, Higdem "gave her a hickey on her neck to show (she) was his possession," police allege in court documents.

Reports didn't say how long Higdem is accused of holding the ex-girlfriend, but it was "several hours," West Fargo police Detective Ken Zeeb said Monday.

While the woman was held in the bathroom, Higdem threatened to burn her face and hit her in the head with a pop bottle, according to court records.

The only listed phone number found for the ex-girlfriend was out of service when called Monday.

Higdem is charged with two counts of terrorizing as domestic violence and one count of felonious restraint, all Class C felonies.

He also faces misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct for two separate incidents in which police say he punched a vehicle's windshield at a gas station and punched a friend in the face for being late in picking him up.

After being arrested on Wednesday, Higdem is at the Cass County Jail on bail of $50,000. His next court date is set for Jan. 6.

Higdem pleaded guilty in the prior terrorizing case and was sentenced on Aug. 25, 2008, to about 2½ years in prison - three years minus about six months in jail he'd served by then.

In that incident on Feb. 24, 2008, he asked another ex-girlfriend if she wanted to die that night after saying he was taking her hostage. She secretly called 911 on a cell phone, giving the dispatchers periodic clues as to their location as she talked to Higdem.

Court records indicate that he was paroled to a halfway house in Fargo on March 24 before being released on Sept. 29. A phone message left for Higdem at the jail Monday ­wasn't returned.