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MSUM student found naked in dormitory study room

A 19-year-old student at Minnesota State University Moorhead faces a charge of indecent exposure after he was found naked in a study room of a female-occupied area of a dormitory.

Andrew Welshons, of 460 South Snarr Hall, was cited for indecent exposure and consuming alcohol as a minor, charges filed Tuesday in Clay County District Court.

A campus security officer called Moorhead police at about 6:50 a.m. on Oct. 1 to the female wing of South Snarr Hall on a report of an intoxicated naked man wandering the hallways.

Police found Welshons sitting at a table in a study room in the female wing of the co-ed fourth floor where he lives, according to police reports filed with the misdemeanor charges.

Welshons told officers he didn't know how he got there and registered a BAC of 0.142 in a preliminary breath test, police allege.

Prior to officers arriving, Welshons entered the room of two women who also live on the floor, leaving when the women yelled at him, police said in reports.

After they retrieved some jeans from his room for him to wear, police issued the two citations. His first court date is scheduled for Tuesday.