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Five charged with illegal voting in Clay County in 2008

MOORHEAD - The Clay County Attorney's Office has charged five individuals with felony voting registration violations during the 2008 general election.

According to a news release this morning from County Attorney Brian Melton:

The individuals charged were all convicted felons whose civil rights were taken from them based on their felony crimes and were not eligible to vote.

Information was initially provided to the Clay County Sheriff's Office and County Attorney's Office from a public interest group known as Minnesota Majority and the Minnesota Republican Party, alleging that several convicted felons had voted within Clay County.

The sheriff's office investigated the allegations and determined that five individuals had voted illegally based on being a convicted felon. Several individuals included on the list were determined to not have voted during the election or determined to have had their civil rights restored.

The individuals charged with the felony voter registration violation were Paul Duane Lampl, Kathleen Joan Megran, Dean Raymond Brown, Harvey Joseph Poitra and Jamie Jason Ek.