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Wadena school restocking library after tornado

About half of the library books from the Wadena-Deer Creek High School were damaged in the June 17 tornado. Special to The Forum

The Wadena-Deer Creek (Minn.) High School is raising money to replace more than 7,000 library books that were contaminated or damaged in the June 17 tornado.

When the EF4 tornado devastated the school in Wadena, sprinklers were activated throughout the building, including in the library for the school of about 500 students.

Not only did many books get wet, but they also then remained in the high humidity of the school for three weeks until they could be removed by a specially trained crew.

Loni Niles, media specialist, said about half of the library's books could not be saved.

Many were so wet that they were heavy. Others had wavy pages or were brown or black.

"Some books smelled, too. Uff da," Niles said.

The school is working with Mackin Educational Resources, a school library and classroom vendor, to replace the books.

For every $15 donated, the library can purchase a new book that is ready to be checked out by students. Niles said 100 percent of donations will be spent on books.

"This is a very tangible, real way that they can help the students of Wadena-Deer Creek High School," Niles said.

The goal is to raise $10,000. As of Friday, the school had received $3,000 in checks and more than $1,000 in online donations.

The library will be in two temporary locations this fall.

Seventh- and eighth-graders will attend school in Deer Creek. The library will be set up in the corner of the band room, Niles said.

"It's not ideal, but it's workable," Niles said.

Ninth- through 12th-graders will attend school at the Wadena campus of Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

A temporary library will be set up at the elementary school.

How to help

* To donate funds for Wadena-Deer Creek High School library books using a credit card or electronic check, go to and enter the code 2e65.

* Checks can be sent to WDC High School, 215 Colfax Ave. SW, Wadena, MN 56482.