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Frazee proposes staff cuts to save $137,000

The administration has proposed cuts for the upcoming year at Frazee-Vergas Schools, which includes cutting one full-time position and absorbing two full-time positions.

Monday evening, Superintendent Deron Stender read a list of the cost containments, but the board didn't hold any discussion on the topic. It will be discussed and likely voted on at the May meeting.

In the proposal, one full-time math position would be eliminated, and one full-time social studies, half-time business and one half-time counselor would be absorbed.

Those four are estimated to save the district $45,083 for the math position and $91,938 for the remaining three, for a total of $137,021.

For example, the social studies position is from a teacher who retired, and a long-term temporary teacher has been filling in. That position will now be absorbed.

The savings from the three absorbed positions comes from the varying salaries of retiring staff and replacement with fresh faces.

"We can replace the new ones' contracts at a much cheaper (rate) than those out going," Stender said.

Administration also proposes to increase activity fees, causing a revenue increase of $1,200.

"Neighboring schools are increasing as well," he told the board, adding that Frazee's fees are not out of line with any schools in the surrounding area.

"You're not alone in this process," he said of having to make cuts.

The district still does have some openings that have yet to be filled.

A Spanish teacher position is in the process of interviews, and then there will be a position in Native American director, which Stender said will likely be absorbed through another counselor position, with Native American responsibilities.

Other positions include a part-time choir director and a Special Education teacher.

Stender said the district does have a contingency plan to shift staff around if the positions can't be filled.

The board also voted on and approved the purchase of social studies textbooks at the cost of $91,762. The district had already budgeted $160,000 for the purchase. Next year math textbooks will be purchased.

Also, the board has set May 18 through June 1 as the filing date for candidacy for the school board. There is a $2 fee to file for candidacy. If needed, a primary will be held this year.