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Grand Forks County sets record for number of inmates in 2009

The Grand Forks County Correctional Center made nearly $420,000 in 2009.

That's a drop of nearly $100,000 from the profit in 2008 but still a far cry from 2007, when the jail operation lost nearly $300,000, according to a report jail Administrator Bret Burkholder gave to the County Commission on Tuesday. Burkholder was hired in October 2007.

The board agreed to review the report and discuss it at its next meeting Feb. 2.

According to the report, the jail's revenue in 2009 totaled $4 million, compared with a budget of about $3.7 million. Expenses totaled $3.6 million, compared with $3.7 million budgeted.

The average daily inmate population in 2009 was a record 173.3, compared with 171.3 in 2008 and 160.9 in October 2007.

The report indicates the correctional center had a total 5,487 bookings for 63,611 inmate days in 2009.

The 2009 inmate/day totals are:

- County prisoners: 40,724.

- Federal prisoners: 16,463.

- Grand Forks city prisoners: 2,345.

- North Dakota Department of Corrections: 3,208

- Other: 871.

The jail set a one-day record for the number of inmates April 2, when the population was 248. The correctional center was built to accommodate 242 inmates.

The correctional center currently has a total of 73 staff members, including 61 correctional staff members.

The entire county budget finished 2009 in the black, too.

Total county revenues for the year totaled $29.5 million, 12.5 percent above the budget, while expenditures of $26.8 million were about 1.24 percent under budget.

General fund revenues totaled $7.467 million, compared with the budget of $7.42 million. General fund expenditures totaled about $7.36 million, which were 98.74 percent of the budget.