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Sebeka woman charged for retrieving forfeited items from a storage unit

A Sebeka woman was charged with third-degree burglary for entering a storage unit she had been locked out of to retrieve some of her items.

According to Wadena County District Court records, Janet Darlene Burgau, 49, had fallen behind on her rent payments on the storage unit to the tune of $1,500 and was subsequently locked out of the unit in April 2009 in accordance with the default clause in her lease. That clause called for the forfeiture of the items in the unit until the back rent payments were caught up.

The owner of the unit had put padlocks to keep everyone out, but in early July, Burgau and three other women allegedly used bolt cutters to remove those locks, retrieve some stereo speakers and other items from the storage unit, and put new locks on.

Burgau was charged Oct. 15 with third-degree burglary. Her first appearance in the case was scheduled for Nov. 16.