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Grand Forks sees second puppy-napping

A Grand Forks pet shop tells police that a 10-week-old Pomeranian was stolen this week, making it the city's second puppy-napping this month.

Nancy Beneda, owner of Pets Palace at 1909 S. Washington St., said a woman took the $450 dog out of its cage and left the store.

When the theft happened, Beneda said, she was working in the back of the store and an employee was doing cleanup work -- neither had an eye on the woman.

"I was out of the store for just 15 minutes," Beneda said. "It just didn't even dawn on me that it was going to happen."

She said the theft occurred Tuesday, but that she didn't report it to police until Thursday.

Beneda said the woman was in her late 20s, stood 5-5 and had shoulder-length blond hair, a medium build and a couple of face piercings. The dog weighs 2½ pounds with black-and-white hair that's 3-4 inches long, she said.

The Stonegate Pet Center in the Grand Cities Mall reported that two women stole a Chi-huahua puppy Oct. 6. That dog was later dropped off at the Grand Forks Humane Society and returned to the store.

Anyone with information about the Pets Palace theft can call police at (701) 787-8000.