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Wadena men charged with stealing bow; trading it for pot

Two people were charged Oct. 12 in Wadena County District Court with third-degree burglary after allegedly stealing a bow and accessories worth $2,794 and trading them for a $50 bag of marijuana.

Court records said a home break-in was reported on Mohawk Street in Wadena County on Oct. 8. A bow and numerous accessories were taken from a garage at a residence. The value of all items was $2,794.

One of the victims of the theft had come across a man trying to get the stolen bow strung while the victim was out shopping for a new bow. He followed the man and called authorities. The man said he had purchased the bow for $50 from someone who said he really needed the money.

When questioned by authorities, the purchaser admitted it was a deal that was likely too good to be true. The rest of the stolen equipment was also recovered at the man's home, court records said.

Police questioned Jonas Glenn Stumbo, 19, of Wadena, who admitted stealing the bow and trading it for "weed," not for $50. He implicated himself and another man in the burglary, court records said.

The other man was Jordan Christopher Perry, 19, of Wadena.

Stumbo was also charged in an unrelated incident. On Sept. 29, Wadena police responded to a burglary on Third Street Southwest and found an XBox360 with about 20-30 games and some loose change and cash missing. The items had a value of approximately $423.96. Stumbo allegedly confessed to that crime while being questioned about the bow theft.