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Menahga woman charged for injuries to child

An 18-year-old woman from Menahga faces two crimes for injuries sustained to a child in her care.

On Sept. 22, the Wadena County Sheriff's Office received information of a child with severe bruising and cuts on his face, legs and genitals. A doctor conducted a forensic examination and concluded the injuries were non-accidental in nature, court documents indicated.

Angeliac Diane Paige Greenwaldt was questioned about the bruises and said she knew the injuries were serious but couldn't explain why she didn't seek medical attention. Investigators questioned a man who stays at the residence about the injuries, and he told police that Greenwaldt was capable of "this type of anger" and has anger issues, court records said. The man said he had seen Greenwaldt wash the child hard in the genital area and pull on the child's arms.

She was charged Sept. 25 with third-degree assault on a victim under four and endanger child -- situation could cause harm or death.