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Wadena Schools to ask for yes-yes vote for $800 per student

The Wadena-Deer Creek District 2155 School Board approved the sum of $800 per pupil unit for the upcoming levy referendum.

District residents presently pay a levy of $101.17 per student. The levy will expire in 2011 prompting the need for a November decision on a new levy. The average state levy per pupil unit is $844.

Voters will be given two questions on the ballot. Question 1 will present voters with a basic $650 levy. Question 2 will be approval of an additional referendum levy of $150. The authorization would be applicable for 10 years unless otherwise revoked or reduced by law.

According to WDC business manager Jerry Anderson, people who vote "yes" on the second question would be authorizing the school provide students with additional services. Voters who vote "no" on the first question cannot vote "yes" on the second one.

"It's to expand the services," Anderson said. "It's giving them the opportunity to give additional funding to the schools."

District residents would be assessed the new taxes for taxes payable in 2010. The district would not receive the new funds until the 2011 school year.

The vote will be taken Nov. 3 in Memorial Auditorium.