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Larimore backyard brawl incident ends with two men arrested and one injured

An ongoing brawl situation Sunday in Larimore, N.D., led to two men being arrested in separate but related incidents.

A Larimore man was arrested Sunday evening after a backyard brawl in the Grand Forks County city about 30 miles west of Grand Forks. A reaction to his fight led to another one, and to another arrest.

Sean Kimball suffered a dislocated shoulder in the first altercation about 6 p.m., and he was taken to Altru Hospital's emergency room, said Larimore Police Chief John Butz.

Kimball will be charged with driving under suspension, giving false statements to police and disorderly conduct, Butz said.

Kimball followed several people from a bar to a backyard, where the scuffle happened about 6 p.m., Butz said. A woman was involved in a fight with Kimball, but no one else was arrested in that incident.

Later Sunday, law enforcement officers were dispatched to Larimore on information one or two men were driving there "with baseball bats."

That led to a second altercation that led to the arrest of a friend of Kimball's on disorderly conduct, Butz said. Brian Cole, 27, came to Larimore with a baseball bat at Kimball's request to retaliate for the backyard brawl that injured Kimball. Butz had to use a Taser on Cole to subdue him, and he was sent to the county jail.

Because of Cole's actions, a charge of inciting a riot likely will be added to the bill against Kimball, Butz said. Grand Forks County Sheriff's deputies assisted him in the incident, Butz said.

Kimball, 32, spent about 40 days in the Grand Forks County jail in 2004 and 2005, arrested on charges of fleeing police, terrorizing, aggravated assault, menacing and simple assault. He also was in the jail for a month in 2006 on a charge of criminal trespass. Kimball lived in Larimore in 2004 and apparently moved back there.

After he's treated in the ER, Kimball is slated to be taken to the county jail. He and Cole likely will make court appearances today, Butz said.