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Detroit Lakes School cuts $900,000 from budget

The Detroit Lakes School Board finalized its budget cuts for the 2009-10 school year Monday morning.

The Board will cut nearly $920,000 from the budget. That number is close to the first of two budget cut proposals that the administration drew up a few months ago.

Based on the state keeping per pupil funding flat, the cuts are a bit of a relief. The district was looking at nearly $2 million in cuts if per pupil spending were cut by 3 percent if a plan approved by the Senate made it into law.

But the final budget that was passed spared districts around the state from making even more drastic cuts.

Some of the cuts involve replacing retiring teachers with new teachers who would make less money. Others measures include transferring $200,000 from the districts reserves to the general fund and reducing staff development funding to 1 percent of the budget instead of 2 percent to save $150,000.