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NDSU keeps security position, changes its job description

Protecting Joseph Chapman and his family will no longer be a job description of a North Dakota State University police captain.

Chapman directed in a letter today to Ray Boyer, director of the NDSU Police and Safety Office, to eliminate any directive to protect the president and his family.

However, NDSU police will continue to attend large events to maintain contact with Chapman and other administrators.

Chapman directed Boyer to study the job duties of Capt. Scott Magnuson after some viewed his job as the president's bodyguard.

Boyer recommended keeping the position in order to retain communication with the president during a crisis response.

Chapman, in his letter today, concurred with Boyer, but said NDSU must be responsive to the perception that the position is the president's bodyguard.

"Any specific directive to protect NDSU's president and family should be eliminated from the captain's job description to avoid public misperception," Chapman wrote.