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Doritos ad with local tie misses game

From left, Nick Olson, Matt Charpentier and Adam Hass watch the Super Bowl on Sunday in Fargo. Charpentier is part of a production group that made a Doritos ad they hoped would be chosen to run during the Super Bowl. Carrie Snyder / The Forum

Matt Charpentier stood surrounded by friends and family, eyes glued to the television during parts of Super Bowl XLIII.

But it wasn't the game that captivated the Fargo man's attention as much as the ads.

Charpentier is part of a production group called the Dandy Dwarves, which made a Doritos ad they hoped would be chosen to run during the Super Bowl.

When a different Doritos ad ran during the first quarter, it was met by boos and shouts of "lame" at the Arctic Audio Super Bowl party in Fargo, where Charpentier watched Sunday's game.

The jeers intensified after the final Doritos ad ran and it was not the one the Dandy Dwarves produced.

"I like the commercials that don't have to go to the stereotypes of half-naked women and crotch shots and guys in their underwear drunk. To me that's a little low-brow. The Dwarves' spot was a bit more unexpected," said Ellen Shafer, who hosted the party.

Charpentier kept his spirits up.

"I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm really glad that the guys are in the top five. I think they still produced an awesome spot, and it just shows that good work can come from anywhere - from here - from anybody and it doesn't have to be a big agency," he said.

Charpentier, a Fargo-based graphic designer and producer of integrated media, handles online graphic design and publicity for the Dwarves from Fargo.

For the past few Super Bowls, Doritos has invited the public to submit ads. The Dandy Dwarves' ad, "Too Delicious," was among five finalists.

Doritos placed three ads - one during the first quarter, one at the beginning of the second quarter and one before the game started. The public voted online for its favorite entry last month.

"Too Delicious" takes place in an office. During a dull meeting, a man named Joe is goaded by coworkers to eat from a "Doritos Tree" to see if the chips are too delicious.

When Joe takes a bite of a chip off the bonsai tree filled with Doritos, he disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving his clothes behind.

Charpentier said the team created the ad so it would be family friendly and so it could be taken further - such as expanding on where the man went or whether his co-workers decided to follow him.

The ad already has a bit of an online following with people taking photos of their own "Doritos trees" and sending them to the Dwarves' Web site,

View the ad at