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Park Rapids man deceased after fight in Alexandria

More information has been released regarding a deadly fight at Legion Park on Sunday, May 29. 

At approximately 12:48 a.m., the Alexandria Police Department (APD) responded to a call where they found 31-year-old Jeffrey Preston of Park Rapids on the ground seizing. Preston was transported by North Memorial Ambulance to the Douglas County Hospital Emergency Room, where he was later pronounced deceased. 


According to witnesses, Preston was walking down the sidewalk and stopped near a group of people. It is reported that Preston began yelling, walking toward and swinging at a male party at the scene for no reason. 

After Preston was repeatedly told to leave the area, he punched 19-year-old Kenneth Diaz of Alexandria. According to witnesses, Diaz was walking backward and trying to avoid the altercation. 

After being punched by Preston, Diaz retaliated and punched Preston in the face. Preston then fell to the ground, and witnesses called the police. 

Two to three minutes after being called, officers and an ambulance arrived on the scene. 

Preston and Diaz did not know one another prior to the altercation, according to police. 

Diaz was taken to the Douglas County Jail, where he was questioned and then released pending further investigation, the Medical Examiner's Office's findings and case review by the Douglas County Attorney. 

According to the APD, all witnesses at the scene have been cooperative with the investigation. Anyone who witnessed the altercation is asked to contact the Alexandria Police Department.