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DL police identify both men in mysterious death case

Mission accomplished. Detroit Lakes Police, who asked for the public’s help in identifying the two men they believe may have the answers in a mysterious death investigation, now know who both men are. Detroit Lakes Police Investigator Robert Strand says, thanks to social media, one of the individuals (the one holding a green item in his hand) has contacted police, and Wednesday morning they figured out who the other man is. Officers want to talk to the men, who were seen with the 36 year old man, who was later found dead in a Detroit Lakes apartment. Strand says officers received a call on February 10 from the apartment manager and maintenance man at 1035 Roosevelt Avenue.

“They hadn’t seen (one of the residents) for a while, and so they went and did a welfare check, and found him,” said Strand, referring to the man inside, a 32-year-old male, who was dead.

 “He appeared to have died of natural causes, but it was alarming too, because he was only 32 years old and 32 year olds don’t usually just die, so we sent him in for an autopsy,” said Strand, who says at this point in the investigation, they are not releasing the man’s name. He will say, though, that they know very little about him.

“He was new to Detroit Lakes – he had only been here a few weeks,” said Strand, who suspects the man may have been homeless before coming to Detroit Lakes. “We know he has some family in Grand Forks and that it looks like he spent some time in Fargo.”

 Strand says nothing was found in the apartment that seemed suspicious, so officers weren’t anticipating anything other than natural causes, until they got the autopsy report back.

“This one came through as a heroin overdose,” said Strand, who says the reason officers are now going deeper into this is because no drugs were found at the scene.

“And drug overdoses are pretty instant,” he said, “so that leaves us with some questions.”

One of those questions is, what do the men know who were captured on apartment complex video with the man, now deceased, on February 7th –– the date officers are estimating he may have died.

“They were with him – they were one of the last two people to have contact with him,” said Strand. “There was nothing in the apartment to indicate an overdose or that there was any drug use there, so that raises some questions that hopefully they (the two men in the video) can provide us the answers to.”

 Strand says as of Wednesday morning, he had not yet been able to bring either men in for questioning.

If anyone has any information regarding this investigation you are asked to contactSgt. Robert Strand at 218-846-3204 or email him at