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Minn. protesters take aim at McDonald's, Fargo potato giant over water use, pesticides

 A Minnesota-based group led a Tuesday protest against use of potatoes treated with pesticides.

The Toxic Taters Coalition handed out organic potatoes at nearly a dozen Minnesota McDonald's restaurants, as well as the chain's stores in six other states and Canada.

The action coincided with the fast food chain's launch of its new all-day breakfast menu.

Toxic Taters is made up of a group of people who live near potato fields that they feel are treated too heavily with pest-killing chemicals. Also participating is the Pesticide Action Network North America.

The groups intended to tell McDonald's customers interested in the subject that people who live near fields where potatoes are grown for McDonald's French fries and hash browns are exposed to pesticides that drift from fields. The pesticides, the organizations say, hurt people's health.

In Minnesota, Toxic Taters  were outside McDonald's restaurants, mostly in the afternoon and evening, in Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Duluth, Minneapolis, Moorhead, Morris, Northfield, Perham, Park Rapids, St. Paul and Wadena. They were also will be in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Wisconsin.