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Skydiver injured after hard landing

WEST FARGO — A 48-year-old skydiver was injured after a hard landing Saturday morning at the West Fargo Airport.

 Roger Thompson of Bismarck was conscious and breathing, but was complaining of back pain, early reports indicated. The incident occurred near Skydive Fargo, a local club.

Justin Wageman, the Skydive Fargo club president, said he wasn’t quite sure what happened but said there will be an internal investigation.

“This is a very rare occurrence” he said.

Thompson told police he has been skydiving at least 70 times, WDAY reported.

Thompson likely came in a little steep instead of pulling up but the only witness is another sky diver that was about 1,000 feet above Thompson, Joe Birrenkott of West Fargo Police told WDAY.

Emergency crews were called around 11:15 this morning. Police said the man was transported to a hospital.