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Police standoff at Fergus Falls residence ends

RGUS FALLS, Minn. – Police here say a standoff at a residence is over after a SWAT team was unable to locate an armed person a woman had called police to report being in her home.


Fergus Falls Police Chief Kile Bergren said a woman called police about 11:50 a.m. Wednesday to report someone had harmed her child and there were people inside her home, at least one whom had a gun.

A SWAT team responded to the incident at 103 E. Summit Ave. After talking on the phone with her numerous times, officers were able to convince the woman to leave the residence with her child, Bergren said.

It took between an hour and an hour and a half to convince the woman to come out of the home, he said.

Officers interviewed the child and the woman. After obtaining a search warrant, they searched the home.

No one was found inside the residence, Bergren said. He wouldn’t comment on whether any weapons were found.

As of 3:45 p.m., police were still investigating the incident, the chief said.

“It’s unclear to us if a criminal act has occurred or if we’re dealing with a mental health issue,” he said.

Both the woman and her child were taken to a local hospital.