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Bank card scam hits several counties

The Beltrami County Sheriff’s 911 Dispatch Center is receiving numerous phone calls regarding text messages that have been sent to cell phone owners that say:  “Your bank account has been compromised. Please contact First National Bank of Walker at 218-252-8142 or 218-296-7222.”

Many Hubbard County residents have also received the text and a warning was issued on the Enterprise's Facebook page two weeks ago.

"THIS IS A SCAM," said  Emergency Communications Director Beryl Wernberg. " Do not text a reply to this or call the numbers listed.  Instead see your banker in person at the bank in Walker or call their business line on Monday which is (218) 547-1160.  In addition, this is NOT the First National Bank of Bemidji. The bank in Walker is taking steps to attempt to identify who perpetrated this scam. Be advised that even those who are not customers of the bank are getting these messages. 

We also ask that you not call the Law Enforcement Center in Bemidji regarding this scam.  Our Dispatch Center has received over a 100 calls and it is flooding our lines.  We are experiencing a typically busy pre-holiday weekend with domestic violence incidents and other crimes."