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Cass Lake man gets prison in felony ransacking case

Cass County Attorney Christopher J. Strandlie reports that David Arthur Larose (DOB: 10/11/1986) of Cass Lake, Minnesota, was sentenced on November 18, 2013, to a total of 109 months in prison for his participation with two accomplices in numerous felony crimes against two separate victims. On OctoberlO, 2013, a jury convicted Larose on all eight counts in the Complaint. Because some counts were alternate charges for the same conduct, however, Larose could only be sentenced on four of those counts, namely: Theft of a Motor Vehicle; Burglary in the First Degree While Possessing a Dangerous Weapon; Kidnapping to Facilitate Felony or Flight and Arson in the Third Degree. The State recommended that Larose receive a total sentence of 119 months, consistent with the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines and the recommendations of the Department of Corrections. Larose was ordered to pay restitution to both victims.

The jury found that Larose and two accomplices stole a van in Cass Lake. They drove the stolen van to the home of an elderly widow in Federal Dam. The three men broke into the home with a gun in the middle of the night while the elderly woman was sleeping. They held the woman at gunpoint and moved her about within the home so they could ransack the house and steal her belongings. At one point they tied the woman up under the stairs. The armed intruders stole or damaged many of the woman's possessions and disabled the phones. The intruders had backed up the stolen van very close to the house, and before leaving the home they set that vehicle on fire and escaped in another vehicle or vehicles. The elderly woman was left without a phone to call for help. She fought the blaze on her own until a passerby called 911 and help arrived, but not before there was smoke damage to the home.

Larose's the two accomplices previously pled guilty. Accomplice Gordon Lee Dunn, AKA "Dee Dee Harrison" (DOB: 04/30/1978) pled guilty on March 20, 2013, and was subsequently sentenced to serve 126 months in prison. Accomplice David Joseph, AKA "DJ", Staples (DOB: 03/24/1979) pled guilty on October 3, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on December 3, 2013. The Cass County Sheriffs Office investigated the case and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension conducted fingerprint and DNA analysis of the evidence.