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Duck rescue attracts crowd to downtown Park Rapids

Park Rapids Public Works employee Stephanie Paulson, in a manhole, sets a duckling in a plastic bucket after retrieving it from the storm sewer. Deb Rogers looks on. The rescued ducks waited anxiously.1 / 2
A bucket of ducklings rescued from a storm sewer awaits a tearful reunion with their mom. (Photos by Sarah Smith / Enterprise)2 / 2

A daring duckling rescue played out on Main Avenue in Park Rapids Wednesday morning after two cosmetology students spotted a female mallard honking in distress on a street corner.

They soon discovered why - her kids were down in a storm sewer.

They called for help. Park Rapids public works crews came to the rescue with pick axes, sledge hammers and the determination to get all the babies out of the sewer.

If you thought it was tricky keeping up with two kids, try 13.

The rescue attracted a sizable crowd of onlookers who cheered when each baby was lifted above ground.

For more on the story, pick up a copy of Saturday's Park Rapids Enterprise.