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Animal shelter asking for votes in Purina fundraiser

Purina Cat Chow has selected Headwaters Animal Shelter as one of 50 cat-focused shelters nationwide that it’s recognizing during its Purina Cat Chow “50 Years ­– 50 Shelters” program to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.

The Purina Cat Chow “50 Years – 50 Shelters” program is supporting 50 cat-focused shelters nationwide – one in every state – in three ways. They include a consumer voting component to drive up to $1,000 per shelter (up to $50,000 for all of the shelters combined), four shelter facility makeovers valued at $100,000 and $1,000 cat care packages for each of the 50 participating shelters that will feature Purina® Cat Chow® brand cat food, Purina® Tidy Cats® brand cat litter and general cat care items.

From now until Friday, June 14, Headwaters Animal Shelter is asking the Park Rapids community to help it secure an additional $1,000 cash donation for the shelter by voting at (limit one vote per person per day).

For every vote cast on the site for Headwaters Animal Shelter, Purina Cat Chow will donate $1, up to $1,000, to be provided via a cash donation.

“We believe that someone should always be there for cat owners, cat supporters and the cats that impact all of our lives,” said Vincent Biroscak, Purina Cat Chow brand director. “Many cat owners will attest that they didn’t choose their cat; their cat chose them. And a countless number of those cats found their forever homes after a shelter stay.

“In celebration of our 50 years of supporting cats and cat owners, Purina Cat Chow is saying thank you to the shelters that are there for cats when they need it most,” he said.

The Purina Cat Chow “50 Years – 50 Shelters” program will provide up to $200,000 in product and monetary donations to acknowledge these shelters’ dedication to the cats they serve and help facilitate the start of more cat-owner relationships.

Headwaters Animal Shelter is the only shelter from Minnesota participating in the program.

“This program will help us support the more than 150 - 200 of cats we intake every year,” said Rochelle Hamp, Headwaters Animal Shelter manager. “It’s an honor to be one of 50 shelters nationwide selected for this program. We hope that our community rallies behind us and casts their vote for Headwaters Animal Shelter to help us raise the additional $1,000.”

Headwaters Animal Shelter plans to use the cash donation to improve its cat facilities by creating an additional cat care room at the shelter.

This project will re-purpose one larger under-utilized impound room into two smaller rooms. One room would continue to be the new arrival cat impound room and the new room would be a “flex’” room. It would be used as needed for such things as recuperation, a grow-up room for weanlings, a nursery (mom and babies), isolation and seasonal overflow.

For more information on the program, visit or the Purina Cat Chow Community on Facebook.