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Man convicted of beating wife arrested in California

A former Lake George man convicted of the vicious beating of his wife in 2010 is in a California jail on charges of beating his new wife.

Authorities from Yreka, Calif., called Hubbard County Attorney Don Dearstyne Monday to inquire about John Defatte’s priors.

Defatte, 72, was convicted by a Hubbard County jury in 2011 of domestic assault charges.

During the trial a woman named Marcie Drexler testified on Defatte’s behalf, identifying herself as an adopted or foster daughter.

According to Dearstyne, Defatte, after serving his 48 months in jail for breaking into Diana Defatte’s home in December 2010, allegedly married Drexler. He served less time than the 48 months, as is customary in Minnesota.

Defatte had children from his first marriage residing in California. Diana Defatte, who allowed the Enterprise to use her name, suffered a fractured facial bone, numerous cuts and bruises and other injuries in the assault.

The California charge involves Drexler as a victim, Dearstyne said.

Defatte’s Hubbard County conviction was upheld in 2012 by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The court ruled a statement

Defatte voluntarily gave in the booking room the night of his 2010 arrest probably shouldn’t have been admitted into court, but that it didn’t prejudice Defatte’s right to a fair trial.

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