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Park Rapids City Council to study annexation agreement

The Park Rapids City Council ordered a preliminary engineering report for improvements to Todd Township Annexation Area III.

The report follows an agreement between the city and township that reads, "the city shall, within three years following May 1, 2012 commence substantial construction of the project for the provision of sanitary sewer and water services to Area III."

The council heard from some residents in the area who wanted the city to consider delaying the project a few years.

Jon Pratt, representing Ulteig Engineers, urged the city council to order the report and then have an informational meeting with the township to discuss the agreement and determine whether or not to move ahead with the project.

The preliminary report would still be usable in a few years if the council later decided to delay the project.

In other business, the city:

n Passed a resolution supporting the extension of the Heartland State Recreational Trail to Itasca State Park.

The Hubbard County Board approved a similar resolution last month.

Hubbard County Land Commissioner Chip Lohmeier said the plan to extend the trail to the west will continue to be pursued as well. The trail to Itasca would help bicyclists who travel north be safer and get them off Highway 71.

Katie Magozzi, Park Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director is also in support of the plan.

"We're probably the most bike-friendly state," she said. "It's because we've had great partners."

He will take the resolutions to the state in order to get the planning process started.

n Passed a resolution supporting a group submitting an application to have Park Rapids be the location of the 2013 Governor's Fishing Opener.

An application was submitted last year as well but Park Rapids wasn't selected.

"The governor was very impressed by our application but wanted to move it around the state," Magozzi said.

n Approved purchasing an IT 30 Cat loader, ramp bucket and cutting edges for the Public Works Department.

The purchase, which totals $152,170, is being purchased in order to remove snow from Main Avenue without damaging the decorative concrete.

Public Works Director Scott Burlingame said last winter some damage was done to the concrete after using the department's traditional equipment. This equipment can also be used for other projects around the city, he said.

n Approved a Conditional Use Permit to allow a medical billing office and temporary housing in the R-2 zoning district at 805 Pleasant Avenue.

n Approved a Conditional Use Permit to allow an outdoor display and retail consignment sales of cars, trucks and boats in the B-1 zoning district at 810 Henrietta Avenue south.

n Had the first reading of an ordinance amending the Park Rapids City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 151 on variances and appeals. The amendments are being made to follow changes made at the state level.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561