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Fatherhood Skills series to be offered beginning Jan. 12

Area dads with children of all ages are invited to take part in a free, 13-week Fatherhood Skills series dedicated to anyone wanting to be the best dad possible for their child or children.

Dads will have the opportunity to learn new skills, share experiences and develop a community network of dads. Classes are designed to equip fathers with parenting tools they need to build an effective relationship with their family.

The classes, sponsored through St. Joseph's Area Health Services, will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. every Wednesday starting Jan. 12. Classes convene at St. Joseph's third floor conference room.

Trained parenting education assistant and a dad himself, Joe Johnson, will facilitate the session. He is excited about the prospects of helping other fathers enrich the lives of their children and for them to see the valuable role every father plays in a child's life.

The Fatherhood Skills classes were developed by nationally recognized parenting educator Mark Perlman, M.A. It is a research-based and proven effective parenting course that can help answer questions and introduce new attitudes, behaviors, and skills.

Meetings are geared to all men, whether they are a father, step-dad, grandfather, boyfriend or uncle.

"No matter what kind of father you believe yourself to be, we can always improve, learn, and help others," Johnson says. "I believe in this program and have seen the difference it can make. The wonderful thing about the course is that once completed, participants can have a network for support or to call in times of need."

Johnson's philosophy is based on the fact that "men have an obligation to be the foundation that children lean and lead upon."

"If you feel you can or want to make that foundation stronger, this is a course for you," he says. "You will not regret it, and your child will thank you."

Anyone interested in registering for the classes or to learn more, can please call Johnson at 218-255-2063. He can also be reached at josephjohnson@catholichealth. net.

The Fatherhood Skills classes were made possible through a Catholic Health Initiative's (CHI) Mission and Ministry Fund grant and St. Joseph's Violence Prevention Implementation program. CHI is St. Joseph's parent organization located in Denver, Colo.