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Incumbents, new faces file for local township elections

Filings for several Hubbard County and eastern Becker County township positions closed Tuesday.

n Akeley Township incumbent clerk Tom Beck has filed for the position and incumbent Duane Splittstoesser and Jacob Emmeck have filed for the supervisor seat.

n In Arago Township, treasurer Amy Peterson, supervisor Charlene Christenson and chair Pat Kimball have filed for re-election.

The ballot will also ask township voters if the terms of supervisors should be extended to six years. This does not include the clerk or treasurer positions, the terms to remain at four years.

n In Badoura Township, township clerk Luanne Schroeder and supervisor Dave Andress filed for re-election.

n Clay Township clerk Margie Vik's term expired as did those of supervisors Jeff Haukebo and Norman Leistikow. All filed for re-election.

n Clover Township clerk Theresa Ohm and supervisor Lynden Nelson filed for re-election.

n In Farden Township, incumbent treasurer Wanda Arenz and supervisors John Nyberg and Dennis Bergeron filed. Joe Schmid has also filed for a supervisor position.

n Guthrie Township clerk Amanda Lofthus, treasurer Rebecca Beevor and supervisor Michael Schmidt have filed for re-election.

n In Hendrickson Township incumbent Aaron Rairdon filed for supervisor and incumbent Linda Blanchard filed for clerk.

n In Henrietta Township, Brenda Carpenter, David DeLaHunt, Dacle Schmid, Jr. and Gary Nasser have filed for supervisor positions. No one has filed for clerk.

n For Hubbard Township, incumbent Laura Kujawa filed for the clerk position, and incumbents Terry Kimball and Jim Simpson filed for supervisor positions.

n In Lake Alice Township, Patti A. Peroni and Jolene Devine filed for treasurer, incumbent Roy Hangstrom filed for a supervisor position and William Devine filed to fill the remainder of a vacant position. Another supervisor position is open, with no one filing. It can be filled with a write-in for the election.

n In Lake Emma Township, Mavis Trenholm filed for treasurer and Brian Behrens filed for supervisor.

n Daryl Bessler (incumbent) and Donald Ferris filed for the open supervisor position in Lake George Township and incumbent Joyce Harvey filed for the clerk position.

n In Lakeport Township, incumbents Marcy Anderson has filed for clerk and Karen Keener for supervisor. John J. Miller and Micheal Fallgren filed for the supervisor position held by Tom Pohl, who did not file.

n Four have filed for re-election in Mantrap Township, Betsy Anderson for clerk and John Weber for treasurer and supervisors Milica Stanfel and Steve Keranen.

n Nevis Township treasurer Kathy Edwards and supervisor Dan Edstrom filed for re-election.

n In Pine Point Township, Dan Yliniemi and Paul Tretbar filed for supervisor and Hilma Tretbar filed for treasurer.

n In Rockwood Township, the clerk's position currently held by Jean Diffley will be on the ballot; she has not filed. Supervisor Stephen Aultman has filed for re-election as supervisor.

n Samantha Weiss filed for clerk in Savannah Township, Kevin Haroldson and Vern Scholz filed for supervisor and Michael Thelen filed for treasurer.

n Schoolcraft Township incumbents Steve Booth, clerk, and supervisors Isidore Tabyanan and Ted VanKempen have filed.

n In Steamboat River Township, incumbents Cathy Hanson has filed for treasurer and James Scott has filed for supervisor.

n Thorpe Township treasurer Lorraine Gabbert and supervisors Lorlie Harrington and Isaiah Mooney, all incumbents, will be on the ballot.

n Vern Peterson and Mary Muller filed for their respective supervisor seats in White Oak Township and Marlys Lehn filed for her East Hubbard County Fire District representative seat. Incumbent Sue Gray filed for clerk.